TimberVenetians4Venetian blinds remain a popular choice in residential and commercial window furnishings, offering control of light and privacy when needed. They can be manually operated or motorised.

Aluminium venetians

Our aluminium venetian blinds are constructed from high quality materials and are available in a variety of colours and finishes to suit all budgets and decors. The slats are made of special aluminium alloy and are stove enamelled to retain their original colour and brightness throughout the life of the blind. Available in two sizes - slimline (25mm) and classic (50mm) - the aluminium venetian blind is a simple, flexible and cost effective solution for the home or office.

Timber venetians  

For an elegant venetian blind, you can't go past timber. Constructed from high quality hardwood timber for superior strength, durability and ultimate performance, our range is available in 50mm and 63mm slats and includes contemporary colours and beautiful rustic wood tones.

Faux wood venetians

Faux wood venetians are an alternative to natural timber venetians and are manufactured from materials such as polystyrene and PVC. Slats are available in smooth and wood grain finishes and are rigid and durable, heat and humidity resistant, and UV protected to resist warping, chipping nad cracking. Available in two slat widths - 50mm and 63mm - faux wood venetians are available in a wide range of colours including wood tones, whites, creams and black. They are suitable for all areas of the home or office, including wet areas.

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