Save energy without compromising on style.

Sophisticated, functional and energy efficient, Honeycomb blinds are perfect for any size or shaped window. They have a cellular design that creates pockets of stationary air that act as insulators, helping with energy savings by reducing heat loss and gain. Honeycomb blinds block up to 99% of UV rays to protect carpets and furniture from fading.

The Honeycomb collection includes a beautiful range of translucent, blackout and semi-sheer fabrics in a variety of delicate colours, made from either non-woven or woven polyester that will not fray or fade. They are easy to care for and maintain, dust repellent and can be cleaned easily with a damp sponge or vacuumed gently with a brush attachment. They have a compact stacking system allowing a clear view to the outside when not in use.

Honeycomb blinds come with a choice of manual and motorised operating systems. They can be used in skylights or hard to reach windows or for arched and angled windows. Further information can be found in the following brochures:

Arena Honeycomb Shades brochure  |  Arena Honeycomb Glideshift Shades brochure (for sliding doors)

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