Roller blinds provide a sophisticated and contemporary finish to any window and suit many applications. They can be motorised with hard wired or rechargeable battery motors, or manually operated by chain or under spring-tension.

Custom Made Blinds sources a wide range of quality roller blind fabrics from leading suppliers. These fabrics come in a variety of colours with plain, multi-tone, textured and patterned finishes, and are grouped as follows:


Total privacy, blockout of light and harmful UV rays, and heat retention. Add a full cassette system to minimise light bleed around the edges of the blind.

Light filtering / translucent

For light control and privacy during the day. Depending on the density of the weave, this fabric may offer sufficient privacy at night as well. More open weave options enable your view to the outside.

Sheer / sunscreen

For light control and privacy during the day while allowing you to maintain your view to the outside.

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